The Nature of Energy

by Dr. Shayn Smith

Part 1
What is energy?

In this first installment of a three part series, we examine the nature of energy.

Energy is vibration. Everything is energy and energy is everywhere. It is the constant movement of information. Energy has form and motion...content and process...information and a vehicle for its transportation. We swim in an ocean of energy. Seen and unseen, it is all around us. I am writing this article in the Detroit airport on my way from Denver to Burlington, Vermont. The departure board and gate assignment (content) transmits (vehicle) information to my visual cortex. In turn, I interact with the energy and proceed to the appropriate gate guided by a myriad of markers that help assure a timely arrival. When that energy no longer serves me, I pull out a pen and paper (computer will be involved later) and proceed to write this article thus beginning a new set of energetic experiences.

Information carried by movement can be characterized as having a quality. For example, it can run from unpleasant to pleasant. The back pain I experience on the flight to Detroit has the quality of being uncomfortable. More about that later. The energy of the airport signs is neutral. I experience noenergy image emotional reaction to it. It is what it is. While crossing from Vermont to New York via the Lake Champlain ferry boat, I exit the car and stand at the bow of the boat feeling the breeze brush across my skin, enjoying the sights of seagulls in flight, and imbibing the smell of fresh lake water. It is a sensory experience that imbues my entire being with aliveness. The quality of this energetic experience is what I would label as pleasant. (In fact, I've always wanted to be a ferry boat captain. I attribute that to having half my planets in water signs, but that is an astrological article for another time)!

In addition, energy has an intensity that runs from weak to strong. Intensity allows us to remember it. For many people, holding a newborn infant, making love, eating certain foods, etc.. burns (intensity) the pleasurable (quality) experience into our memory. The same can be said about traumatic experiences, such as the car accident I experienced as a teenager that sent me flying through the windshield. Ouch!

To nourish us fully, energy needs to move in, through, and out of our body. We may consciously or unconsciously trap it or shield ourselves from it. We often do that with so-called unpleasant energy. Fortunately, I was able to release the trauma of my auto accident and let the energy run its course. For other unpleasant events, though, I've had to work at untrapping or unblocking the energy to feel relief. This is the primary reason people seek out energy healing.

Here is the most interesting aspect of energy. It enjoys having a conversation with us! Let's consider our body for a moment. (If you are struggling with that concept, we'll talk more about that in a future article!) The body is always communicating with us. What is it saying? On the plane from Denver to Detroit I was aware of a sharp pain (intense and unpleasurable) on my right back side. I quietly explored its shape, color, size, and temperature (qualities), paying full undivided attention to it. In other words I acknowledged and communicated back to it by observing it, without judgment. In a few moments, my visitor left. And no, I am not offended that it no longer wished to talk to me! We were finished...

By conversing with energy, we notice a rhythm...a flow...between us that assures its constant movement. When completed, it continues on into the universal field where its imprint is stamped and available at a moment's recollection. Re-collecting energy is something we do often. We bring it back inside and re-experience it, for better or for worse. This will be part of the topic of our upcoming second article when we discuss our interaction with energy.

The key points I leave with you today are
1) everything is energy
2) it possesses qualities and intensity
3) it tells us something and likes to do so while in constant motion
4) it needs to move unhindered and rhythmically, and
5) like a dear friend, it may be conversed with

I invite you to sample an original composition, Everything is Energy at my website,

May peace and health be with you until next time...

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