Once I was at an energy healing conference where the presenter encouraged us to introduce ourselves to each other as healers. Simple task, huh? Yet, we all struggled.


First, we are unaccustomed to talking to strangers about ourselves. As a professional healer we need to COMMUNICATE to potential clients and referral sources who we are and what we do. If we don't, our business does not thrive.

Second, sometimes we are unsure of ourselves and our ability to do what we claim to do. Enter CONFIDENCE. This is a huge topic and warrants its own space. Develop the ability to share your gifts and people will be curious to learn more.

Third, we just don't know what to say. It need not be elaborate. SIMPLICITY is the key. Here's one idea. "Hi, I'm Shayn and I'm an energy healer. I help people naturally and easily overcome physical and emotional discomfort." Notice there is no need to list techniques, degrees, training, and other unnecessary details. That comes later as you and the other person deepen the conversation. Leave space for curiosity. Everyone has something that could use a little TLC and you could be the person to assist!

So, there is no need to prepare a long-winded diatribe of yourself. Just be prepared to communicate confidently and simply. The above example takes less than 10 seconds to say, and if said with conviction, can lead you to your next client.

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