Shayn Energy Healing Services

Shayn is committed to giving competent and caring energy healing based on years of training and practice.

Energy Healing Services Offered

Thought Field Therapy Algorithm Training

Learn the powerful introductory level TFT and be certified as a TFT practitioner in one intensive training day! This information can benefit personal and family needs, healers, caretakers, massage therapists, and alternative and complementary health workers. Learn more..

Energy Healing
60 min, $150.00

Energy healing helps alleviate physical, emotional, and mental discomfort. A session may include (no-touch) Pranic Healing, Thought-Field Therapy, and Emo Energy In Motion. Touch healing such as Quantum Touch, Quantum Entrainment, Essential Oil Treatment and Acupressure are not offered at this time.

Rates (the following rates do not include the specials):

  • -One healing session $150
  • -Three healing session package $380 (save 15%)
  • -Five healing session package $600 (save 20%)
Healing Sessions

All healings are online. Select service above and follow the prompts. Next, book a healing appointment by booking an online session.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical physician and do not diagnose, treat or prescribe remedies for the treatment of disease nor do I administer, prescribe, or recommend prescription drugs. See my Disclosure Statement for details describing my qualifications.

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